About We Rewire Houses Dublin

We rewire houses have been operating in county Dublin and the 3 surrounding counties of Meath, Kildare and Wicklow for over 30 years now. We are fully insured and abide by the new Safe Electric guidelines IS-10101 which have been updated throughout 2021 and 2022.

We rewire commercial properties and apartments too!

We have experienced, fully qualified and RECI certified electrician’s ready to completely rewire your house, apartment or office.

We also provide a full range of general electrical services.

How do I know if my house needs rewiring?

There are two give away factors that any owner can identify themselves.

  1. Your fuse board has screw in fuses or type T fuses as they known in the trade. These types of fuse board are completely out of Safe Electric regulations. It is now extremely difficult to get the fuses. These went out in the 1970’s and would indicate that you have the old red and black wiring throughout your property. It is also highly probable that you do not have external earth bonding.
  2. You seem to have a modern fuse board but there is red and black wiring going from it to the circuits. A quick fix before Safe Electric regulations were changed was to take out the old fuse board, supply and fit a new one and leave the wiring as is. The black and red wiring was phased out completely in Ireland in 2004.

The issue with this type of wiring is that it is encased in rubber insulation and this starts to degrade from approximately 35 years onwards. If it becomes badly degraded circuits can stop working or even worse an electrical fire may start causing danger to the occupants.

If you are buying a house pre 2000 it is definitely wise to get an electrical periodic inspection. Part of this is a ‘megger test’ this tests the integrity of the wiring behind the walls. Basically, if the property this test fails a rewire is required.

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