Electric Shower Installation & Repair

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We install all types of electric showers this could be a like for like replacement or a new shower installed from scratch

In regards to shower repairs, as a general rule most are either non repairable or not financially viable to repair. There can be cases where repairs can be carried out or an associated fault can be repaired.

membrane shower screen is installed in the extruder of the coffee machine

Electric shower installation and repair

We install all types of electric shower. The most common ranges are the Triton range and the Mira range. The choice is entirely the clients but if pushed we have found the Mira range being more reliable in regards to warranty calls but this is just our experience.

We fit both mains fed and gravity fed electric showers. This price of installation completely depends on the make and model of electric shower that you want. To swap out your electric shower for a like for like model or if that model is obsolete the recommended replacement the guideline price would be, Gravity fed starting at €420 +V.A.T. @13.5%. Mains fed starting at €450 + V.A.T. @13.5%

If you are supplying the like for like shower to swap out, labour only €160 +V.A.T.@13.5%

Just contact us via phone or by using out contact form with the make and model and we will get back to you with a price.

Things to be aware of when replacing a shower

If your house or apartment is quite old and the shower is quite old you may have a problem. All new electric showers draw around 9.5KW of emergency to run. This is a lot higher than some of the older models.

If your property has 6 square cabling running to the bathroom supporting the shower it is highly likely that installing a new 9.5KW shower will keep tripping the fuse board. If this is the case you will need new 10 square cable installed from the fuse board to the bathroom.

If you do need a shower cabling upgrade, we will happily come out free of charge, assess what is required and provide a quote.

Electric shower installation from scratch

We need to come out and assess this and give you a quote. Again, this service is free of charge, without obligation. The work would entail installing a new breaker on your fuse board, running 10 square cabling from the fuse board through attic space if there is any, then dropping it down to the bathroom. Then plumbing in from the mains or tank. This means it is not straight forward. Guideline prices from €850 +V.A.T. @13.5% – €1200+V.A.T. @13.5%.

Shower isolation switch replacement

A common issue is when a pull cord isolation switch or a standard shower isolation switch fails. This is pretty straight forward to address. Cost wise to supply and fit a new pull cord isolation switch, €120+ V.A.T.@13.5%. Standard isolation switch, €110+V.A.T. @ 13.5%

Electric shower repairs

As a rule of thumb, we don’t repair showers as we can’t carry the parts for all the makes and models. All newly installed showers come with a 1 year, parts and labour warranty. Triton do have a specialist repair company called Earthridge. If you Google that you will find them but you will more than likely find that if the shower is of any age it is a better option to get a new shower.

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