Socket Repair & Installation

Most issues with sockets can be quite easily repaired although not all

If you require new socket’s we can install these also.

Bare wires by an electrical wall socket

As a general rule a socket repair is quite straight forward

The most common faults are:

  1. The front of the socket is broken. If this is the case, we can just swap out the front check the wiring and that can be the issue solved.
  2. An issue with the socket back box. If there is an issue with the back box “wings” for example. We can just replace the whole socket, back box and front, check the wiring and the problem is solved.
  3. The wiring behind the walls going to the socket has failed. This is more unusual but can be extremely problematic. If you have the old black and red wiring, it has just degraded and a rewire of the whole property is required.

If your wiring is modern you will have to create a new circuit from the fuse board to the socket. This can be done by chasing the walls to run a cable or by supply and fitting external trunking to run a cable. The first option is time consuming and costly and will need plastering afterwards. The second though cheaper, some may find unsightly. Neither are ideal.

How much does it cost to install additional sockets?

We usually would have to come out and visit and assess this to give an accurate price. This call as usual would be free, without obligation.

The variables are as follows

  1. Where are we taking the power from? We would look to take it from the nearest socket to add it or them on to the existing socket circuit. This could be inches or a few feet. We will also look if there is a socket behind a dividing wall, in a different room, that can be used as a power source.
  2. If there is a distance, do you want the walls chased or external trunking put in.
  3. If you want the walls chased, are the walls solid or plaster board. If it is solid then it takes more time and effort to chase the walls.
  4. If the walls have to be chased, how much remedial plastering will be needed.

All of the above factors to the costs associated. If you require a free quote, just call 01-554 3625 or fill in the contact form.

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