Light Installation & Repair in Dublin & Surrounding Areas

Do you wish to upgrade your lights to LED?

Have you drop pendant lights or spotlights that are not working? Do you need new lights installed from scratch?

Depending on what you require installing or repairing lights can be easy or quite complicated. Below I will go through some common faults and solutions.


Drop pendant light repairs

  • The plastic light holder in your drop pendant is broken and it won’t hold the bulb in place. This is straightforward. We just supply and fit 1 new pendant light fitting.
  • Your pendant light has stopped working. This could be a wiring issue where the pendant is connected. It is easy enough to rewire it. It could be a problem with your switch connecting the power. We can just change out the switch and its back box, if required. A fault with the pendant fitting itself. We just fit a new pendant light fitting. Finally, there is a problem with the wiring circuit above the ceiling providing power. This is the worst case scenario. It would mean providing a new wiring circuit to the light. If it is on the ground floor, chasing the ceiling then repairing. The other option if it is practical, we could pull floor boards up above the room, rewire the light circuit, then relay the floor boards.

Fitting replacement light fittings or chandeliers

If you have a new fancy light fitting or chandelier to be put up, we have to look at certain factors. If you are just taking a pendant or small wall light down and need it replaced with a new fitting this is usually straight forward.

We do though however have to consider the weight of the new fitting or chandelier and the height on the wall or ceiling. If it is a heavy fitting and high up on a high wall or ceiling, then a two man team may be required for health and safety reasons. One to hold the ladder and pass the fitting up and steady everything whilst installation takes place. This almost certainly applies to chandeliers. Obviously, the price would reflect two men rather than one.

Clients often ask if they can hold the ladder and pass up the fitting to save on costs. Unfortunately, this is not possible as they are not covered by our insurance. If we dropped a fitting on the head of a client, they could sue us.

Halogen spotlights

Halogen spot lights were the pre cursor to LED lights. They run off individual transformers in the ceiling space above them. These transformers fail over time. Another issue with them is the transformers can overheat and melt wires above the ceiling.

The transformers themselves are around €30. We would advise just swapping them out for LED down lighters which are far more efficient energy wise and provide around 10,00 hours of light.

LED light installation

If you would like LED lights newly installed, we can do this. Again, this is usually another job that we would visit free of charge to assess the practicality of installation, explain what would happen and provide a quote. In a bungalow, can we get in to the attic space to provide a wiring circuit. In a two bedroom house, for upstairs we would look at the attic space again. For downstairs we would see if we could lift floor boards to gain access for wiring or if we have to chase the ceiling in areas and carry out repairs afterwards. Please note we can not lift laminate flooring as once it has been lifted it can not be laid the same.

If you have any questions on lighting repairs or replacements or need a quote, Just call 01 – 554 3625 or fill out our contact form.

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